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General Terms of Business

In according to the Croatian Real Estate Law from 2. November 2007 we Portun Immobilis l.l.c. (in continuing referred to as agent) adopted the following General Terms of Business.

Obligations of the agent
1. to conclude the brokerage contract with the principal
2. to find principal/property in order to conclude the contract for which the agent has mediated
3. to estimate market value of the property and to inform the principal about it
4. to inform the principal about all deficiencies on the property and on the market situation
5. to control all relevant documents and show them to the principal
6. to inform the principal on all legal, tax and other obligations which may arise during and after the buying/selling process
7. to advertise to property
8. to organize inspection visits to the properties
9. to keep principal's data and other data as a business secret
10. to inform the principal on all known circumstances which refer to the buying/selling process
11. to mediate in the negotiations and to attempt to conclude the buying/selling process
12. to prepare all legal acts necessary to transfer the ownership (contract, preliminary contract) using a solicitor
13. to mediate in the handover of the property.

Obligations of the principal - vendor
1. to conclude brokerage contract with the agent
2. to present all the document regarding the real estate to the agent
3. to inform the agent about all relevant information regarding the property
4. to allow inspection visits to agent and his principals (buyers)
5. to pay the agreed commission to agent
6. to cover all expenses which arose during the mediation and are not considered as standard costs.
7. to inform the agent about all changes which occurred on the property after the brokerage contact has been signed.

Obligations of the principal - buyer
1. to conclude brokerage contract with the agent
2. to pay the agency commission

Agency commission
The brokerage commission is charged according to the value of the real estate and amounts to between 1.25% and 3.75% of the value of real estate whose value exceeds EUR 50,000, or EUR 1,500 for real estate whose value is less than the specified amount. Service prices include VAT.

In Rovinj, 1.2.2023.
Mojmir Jančić, Director

This is a shortened, informative version of the General Terms and Conditions. Click here to view the official version in Croatian.
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