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Sveti Petar u Šumi

Located on a hilly plateau surrounded by old forests, Sveti Petar u Šumi is an unusual settlement unlike typical Istrian towns. The village originated around the Benedictine monastery, with houses scattered across hamlets amidst fields and vineyards. Named after the Benedictine monastery, also known as Monasterium Sancti Petri in Sylvis, first mentioned in documents in 1174, the village has a rich history. Legend has it that Hungarian King Solomon stayed in Sveti Petar u Šumi after being dethroned. The heart of the village is the beautiful Baroque parish church of St. Peter and St. Paul, surrounded by monastery buildings with rich Baroque furnishings. Nearby is the church of St. Roch, built in 1737. The discovery of the Supetar Fragment in April 1982 enriched the understanding of the history of Sveti Petar u Šumi and the region. In the ruins of the southern wall of the former Pauline monastery, a fragmented inscription engraved in Cyrillic was found, bearing witness to the arrival of Slavic literacy in the 11th and 12th centuries.


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