Real Estate in Croatia

Croatia has much to offer to the property purchaser, including an enormous variety of landscapes, a wide choice of cities, towns and villages, a great climate and wonderful beaches.

Its popularity really took off in 2001, and it promptly became one of the countries that were part of the ‘emerging market’ phenomenon. It opened up to foreign investors, who quickly took advantage of the inexpensive properties that were to be found throughout the country.

Anyone who wants ease of access from the rest of Europe, the clear waters of the Adriatic and an ever-improving infrastructure has got to consider Croatia. Croatia officially became an EU candidate country in 2004 and opened formal accession talks the following year, with a view to full membership of the European fold sometime in 2013. This is a result of the impressive progress made by the country as an independent state, and will help promote the long-term prosperity of the country.

As of February 2009, the property market in Croatia became more open to foreigners, as are now able to buy on the same terms as local Croats. This burning of red tape in the buying process will not only speed up the property buying procedure, it should encourage more buyers to purchase in Croatia with confidence.

In the last few years, Croatia has emerged from the troubles of the early 1990s, when war tore through the Balkans. The infrastructure has been transformed, good roads now link north and south, airports have been built, and the country has been put on a sound footing, to attract more and more visitors interested in buying property.

The country is divided into numerous different regions, however most property buyers tend to want to buy in the coastal areas of Istria, Kvarner and Dalmatia. This is a land of medieval towns safe within high walls, breathtaking scenery, and an extraordinary mix of cultures and history. Croatia’s mainland coastline is around 1,770km long and in addition has around 1,200 islands lying off it, which is one of the major attractions for tourist to visit. The Adriatic coast tends towards beaches that are rocky or pebbly rather than sandy.

Potential homeowners are given a real à la carte variety of landscapes to choose from. Spending holidays in different regions is helpful in making a final decision and if you are able, try to visit at different times of the year so that you are aware of what the winter climate and atmosphere are like.

The Croatian government alowed EU citizens buying property in Croatia on 1st February 2009. EU buyers/investors don't have anymore to set up a Croatian company to buy property in Croatia.
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